This conjuration invites a household guardian spirit into your home. Once installed the spirit should receive daily or nightly offerings, and so the altar used should be a permanent space dedicated to this spirit. If nobody is going to be home to pay the spirit its dues the spirit should be informed beforehand and a compensatory arrangement agreed upon.

Failing to pay the spirit its dues or making a substandard or otherwise unacceptable offering could cause the spirit to become angry. Offering the spirit clothing will banish it forever.

No knives or other cutting tools should be present. Unsheathing a knife in front of the altar will exorcise the spirit; it can be conjured again but might not be very happy.

I shall refer to the household spirit by the generic name Hob, which can be replaced by alternative names such as brownie, hobgoblin, bwca or domovoy according to preference.

Conjuring Hob

Kneel or sit before the altar and recite the rosary of the astrological ruler of the hour.

Stand and place a bowl and dish on the altar; place a jug of cream and a wheat bread roll beside the altar. With your right hand held forward, palm upright in a gesture of greeting, recite:

Be present, Hob. 
Arise, Hob. 
Come, Hob.

Light sweet-smelling incense on the altar then recite: 

In thy hands, dearest Hob, I do place the safekeeping of this home.
In offering thee this incense I pray good prayers that thou mayest favour this home. 

Pour some cream into the bowl and place it on the altar; place the bread roll on the dish beside it. 

I offer thee cream and bread for thy services. Be strengthened and warmed by this offering. 

Pour some more cream into the bowl. 

Greetings Hob; bless this household. 

Kneel or sit before the altar and recite again the rosary of the astrological ruler of the hour.  

Household spirits are notoriously chatty with each other, but are not very talkative with humans except in dreams; in the waking world they communicate through actions rather than words. Once the spirit is installed, subsequent offerings should be made in the same order as in this conjuration but without rosaries and done in silence.